Join Smarsh and Industry Experts for an Executive Roundtable Dinner

Information repositories continue to grow. Conversations are happening across increasingly diverse, intertwined and sophisticated communication channels. Yet the pressure to assemble evidence and spot issues early, to act swiftly - AND contain cost - has never been greater. 

Performance is only as good as the systems and processes that support it. Join us for this upcoming executive roundtable dinner where we will examine the challenges in e-discovery today, and explore the best practices needed to deliver the operational effectiveness and efficiency required for the digital future. 

The event will conclude over dinner, where we will continue
to share insights and experience with your e-discovery peers from
leading financial institutions.

The Experts

Following a distinguished career in the Serious Fraud Office, Bob has worked with some of the largest financial institutions in the London addressing their most pressing risk and compliance concerns. A specialist in the field of discovery and investigations, Bob will share some of his insights and learnings from 20 years of experience in this increasingly challenging and fast-changing arena.

 RA Lewis, MBE
Owner and Director, CFIR Consulting

Shaun Hurst is the International Technology Director for Smarsh. He has over 18 years of experience solving complex IT challenges for Financial Services Institutions and is a subject matter expert in topics like e-Discovery, Compliance, Regulatory Requirements, Data Privacy, and Cloud Computing.

 Shaun Hurst
International Technology Director, Smarsh